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Hello Beautiful People :]

Oakland is a very historic city and despite its bad reputation, some parts are quite pretty. Old Oakland makes for beautiful backdrops in photos and there aren't too many people walking through the streets (which means easy shots ;).
Don't we all just LOVE the year-end holiday shopping sales?! It's always so exciting to see the huge sale signs and price mark downs X3 This holiday season, my favorite purchase is a pair of black, quilted platform booties by Guess (Grazie Quilted Platform Booties).
I think these shoes are absolutely beautiful and stunning. I love the edgy look that the black gives it as well as the red interior which gives these shoes the extra "UMPH" ;] The heel is 3 inches high which is a moderate height, but very comfortable due to the platform style. I walked in these for several hours and my feet felt just fine. The reviews I read on these shoes were positive as well.

Although these boots retail for $89.00 at Macy's, I purchased them for only $35 after tax!! Sales + Coupons are my best friends :3 If you get them now, you can still snag them for a good price since it's New Years Sales time!

I think these shoes are so chic and can go with almost anything. I love to wear them with these black skinny jeans and a comfortable sweater. In this outfit, both my pink sweater and black pants are from Uniqlo. My #Doll beanie is from Doll Culture (Instagram here).
I love this beanie!! The material is so thick and high quality and the hashtag is really cute in my opinion. This is truly a comfortable and casual outfit!!

My bag is the large sized Selma from Michael Kors.
What do you think about these boots? What shoes do you love to wear?
Leave me a comment below :3 

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xoxoxo, Cindy⭐︎☽

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  1. I has that same bag in brown :3 i loves it, your hair's gotten so long!

  2. Yeah it's so pretty and goes with so much!!! Yeah it really has!! I'm struggling on deciding what I should do with it...

  3. omg im loving the michael kors bag and your makeup!!


  4. Thank you Tina :D I'm flattered by the compliment coming from a cutie like you <3


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