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Ladies & Gents

Have you ever wanted to try one of those detox programs to fight bloating and to flush out toxins from your system for a more healthy body? Growing up, I always worried about my weight since I am not as skinny as most Asian girls are, and even went through a phase where I purchased herbal weight-loss teas. I tried & LOVED the Triple Leaf Tea's "Dieter's Green" which actually really helped me when I was losing weight.

Nowadays I am much more comfortable in my own skin and haven't been gung-ho about losing weight, but Your Tea's Tiny Tea detox seemed pretty interesting since it boasts cleansing and nourishing your digestive system. That will lead to higher energy levels, lower stomach bloating, and even better, clearer skin! 

I've read other's testimonies on the product and people seem to be very pleased with it and it's quite popular. I'm more on the skeptical side. Now, I'm a tea fan and I know that teas are very good for you and some will do the above-mentioned things, but I don't think drinking a tea alone will magically do all those things for you. Having a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise and clean-eating will ultimately really lead to the changes you want. 

Anyways, on to YourTea's Tiny Tea Teatox (14 day). This company offers a completely organic range of products and its teas are based on traditional Chinese herb blends. I think they are based in Australia, because on the side of the packaging it says "created by Aussies," but the product itself is manufactured in Hong Kong (fun fact: VitaSoy is an organic product and also manufactured in HK).

✿ What I Think 

I really love the eco packaging; it makes me more confident in the product :3 Beautiful packaging automatically makes me think it is a better quality product :P

It says you're supposed to drink this tea twice a day on an empty stomach either half an hour before, or after your meal (for optimal results). I sort of drank it from the morning throughout the rest of the day because that's what I usually do with my other teas :P

People have different opinions on the taste; some love it, some hate it. In my opinion it tastes like traditional Chinese teas you'd get at restaurants (although it does have a more medicinal smell when you inhale it). Maybe like a black tea or pu'er tea. It wasn't really anything special. I don't add sweeteners to my teas, but it says you can add honey or lemon to it to taste if you don't like it. 

My Trial Run

** For my 2 week test run, I didn't exercise or change anything about my lifestyle. ** 
Sorry guys, it was Finals Week >////<

✿ I noticed by the second day that I had much higher energy levels (I usually get sleepy by 11-12 at night, but after drinking this, I didn't even feel tired until 3 am O_O). I was wondering why I couldn't sleep and realized that it was the boost of energy from the tea!! No wonder it says not to take at night :0 I started to limit intake to morning and afternoons. 

✿ My skin was CLEARER!! Omg. And this isn't even formulated specifically for clearer skin, but I'm serious :O I have breakouts every once in a while and it gets more noticeable during exam weeks. After I drank this tea for a while, I felt like my breakouts weren't too bad anymore :O It may be a combination of things, but I really think this helped. 

✿ As for the non-bloating, I didn't see too much of a difference since I haven't been exercising and have been eating junk to fuel me through studies. However, towards the end of my two weeks, I finished finals and came home where the tea did seem to make a difference!! I lost a couple of pounds, maybe with the combination of mom's healthy home cooking and lack of junk food. 

I hope this was helpful to those of you who are thinking about trying this tea out!!

xoxoxo, Cindy⭐︎☽

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  1. I love drinking tea. It's a great thing that this tea can help to clear skin! Thanks for the review.



  2. sounds like its a great thing !!
    can help for clearer skin too
    really want to try it but i don't think they have it here :(


  3. Hi Cinta!!

    It really does!! I really love that it's all organic so it's good for you.
    Aww :< I'm sure there are things similar to this near you <3

    Thanks for reading dear <3

  4. Thank you for reading Mitch!!~~

  5. Rinako グレーJune 25, 2014 at 5:40 AM

    Looks so good! ^^

    ✿ MY BLOG ✿ ❤


  6. Svetlana KalininaJune 26, 2014 at 10:15 AM

    Dear, I found your blog randomly and I’d like to say it’s fabulous! I really like your amazing photos & style! Everything is perfect!

    will be happy if you'll find a minute to see my blog!


  7. Thank you Svetlana!! You're very sweet!! I will check out your blog <3

  8. Cindy siss , i just saw some of my IG friends posted about this tea..is it good? I think it's booming hehe

  9. I don't really believe in all the benefits of tea either, but I love drinking it -- and anything that will help clear up my skin is great! >w<

  10. Great post.The tea sounds amazing
    Wanna follow each other on gfc & bloglovin
    Let me know

  11. WayuSissy, I think it is also!! I think it is okay, and only really effective if used with exercise and clean eating.. <3

  12. Yes me too!! I love teas so much also <3 And ANYTHING that helps out my skin is welcome!! haha. Thanks for reading Audrey <3

  13. Thank you for reading!! I'll check out your blog for sure ^__^

  14. ouuu, sounds interesting! I really want to try, since I currently am having some acne problems T____T I love asian teas though~ Pu'er is super delicious; I think that should also help with weight loss?


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