☁︎ All Black Everything ☁︎ California ☁︎ Part Two - Instagram Meet Up ☁︎

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Thank you for tuning into Part Two!! If you missed it, please check out part one here :3

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And then... it was time to meet Lynnie!!!~ 
@Lynnspiiration (check out her amazing Instagram for the hottest fashions and trends!! She's also one of the most amazingly loving and inspiring people I know)

Steve took a quick photo for us in this cute little hallway. Don't you love it? 
San Francisco is probably my most favorite city in the world. So beautiful and full of history. Perfect for a little history buff like me hehe ♡

We went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner with her, her hubbie, @heyitsannabanana (also such an AMAZING fashionista **too hot in here** check out her Instagram!!), @krissypkreme, and @christinereyes. I just met Krissy and Christine for the first time ever here. They're such sweet girls!!   Just check all of them out XD 

 Lighting is great for ambience, but terrible for photos. So we had to pop out the flash >///<
Look at all that overexposure hehe.

Lynnie, Steve & Eken 

From Left to Right: Anna (@heyitsannabanana), Lynnie (@Lynnspiiration), Krissy (@krissypkreme), me, Carmen (@caarmenleez), Christine (@christinereyes) 
Lighting is much better downstairs in Macy's lobby.

Seriously, I have been following Anna and Lynnie for Idunnohowlonganymore.
Amazing to see them in person and they are just the BEST girls ever! The sweetest, most down-to-earth, everythinggoodhere, girls ever. 

Blurred photo of Anna and I
It's like talking with old friends! Can't get over how much it felt like we already knew each other!
Missing them already. 

got a kissie from Lynnie >//3//^ waaaaaaah too psyched.  
We love you so much, can't wait for your next trip back here!! 
@Lecinlurve Cindy my Twinnie!!! We miss youuuuu!!!

[I actually met up with Cindy (who omg, seriously such a sweetheart who has the biggest heart of gold) last December!! I wasn't really blogging then, but she was my second IG meet up, the first being @Asian_Impressions ♡ 

Anna came after this photo :< We all wished she was in it too.

♡ Until next time... 

xoxoxo, Cindy⭐︎☽

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  1. I absolutely adore u Cindy. You're beautiful inside out. You just made me miss America even more. I cant wait to see u and the most beautiful city in the states. It really was the highlight of my trip to meet u guys. I will miss u guys so much until I see everyone next year. Stay beautiful baby. Xx

  2. Beautiful girls!
    Follow you GFC and Bloglovin!
    Follow me back?!

  3. Thank you Katherine!! It was!!

  4. Lynnieee awww I'm so glad I could add positivity to your trip!! SO looking forward to you and Eken coming back!! SF is not complete without you guys!!! I love love love you both so much!!! Stay Lynnie forever <3 MUAH

  5. Hello Ann!! Thanks for dropping by!! I've left some love on your blog <3

  6. my Kittie pieeee can't believe I'm only seeing this post now!! T.T I do apologizeeee for the lack of love on your blog BUTTTT i can't wait to catch up!! And your style of writing cracks me up so much I swear, lol like the "Idunnohowlonganymore" and the "everythinggoodhere" LOL serious cuteness! <3 love you and i gotta say i'm a bit jellie of all of them meeting YOU, as well as you meeting all of THEM! T.T I. MUST. MEETUP. WITH. MY .PET. KITTEN!!!

    xoxo, Mango ❤
    Blog | <a

  7. Thank you for visiting Sandeep!!
    I'll be checking your blog out!! <3

  8. BUNNNIIIIEEE don't worry it's really a lot of work to do that, so I already just know you're one of my best supporters!! Love you!!!

    AHAHA yours too, you're so cute and quirky when you write <3 Always making me laugh :3 AND I KNOW I've GOT to come see you one day!! I'm actually going to Vancouver at some point, but that's so far from you TT ^ TT When I get the chance to visit New York I'll fly to you bb <3

  9. You girlss are so amazing!! Want to meet you somedayy , my Chocosiss!!!! Xoxo

  10. Awww, I want to join a meet up too in the future. Looks sooooooo super fun!!! Ooh, Cheesecake Factory...for dinner. Darn, I need to move. T_T Anyways, that's good you got to meet up with all these beautiful and sweet people!!! I need to IG more. >_< Wish you have many more fun trips/meet up and keep us posted about it!!! I would love to meet Mango and you someday!!! :D Got to start saving up. :P


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