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Kisses to all my ChocoBunnies!!~

How is everyone doing?! I've missed blogging so much and had so much fun with this post!! Today I'm going to tell you about an online Korean beauty boutique called HKC Plaza which is headquartered in Singapore. 

I was so honored when HKC Plaza offered to send me some products to sample and review!!! Are you guys ready? :3 

Hello from Kittie and Moshi who are presenting our products today

The products that were sent to me are LEEJIHAM (or LJH) which is quite a popular brand. All their products are formulated by dermatologists in LeeJiHam skin clinics (which is why they call themselves a Doctor Cosmetics brand). They claim to be the first cosmetics company to introduce "doctor cosmetics" in Korea and put a lot of time, research, and technology into their formulas. 

LJH 5-Part Smart System
If you're in Korea, you can stop by any one of their nine LJH Skin Clinics and receive treatments and skincare by their dermatologists. It sounds so pampering and relaxing... wish I could go!! Maybe one day if I travel to Korea I will book an appointment :P

LJH has been around since 2001 (quite some time now) and has also received the Science Technology Merit Award in 2006 for all its research and advancements in the medical cosmetics and skin care fields. This is very impressive to me because this brand has received official recognition and makes me trust it a lot more. It makes me wonder whether the other cosmetics brands I use have ever received this kind of recognition...

More LJH products and skincare lines
Here are the products I was given to try out:
They are all the newest from the LJH skincare lines!

I like that the product comes in very clean and simple packaging. It's very easy on the eyes and it looks very professional. This cleansing foam removes makeup, BB creams, CC creams, and sun block. 

for those of you who can read Korean :P because I can't 
What I Think: ⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎

When I first used this product, what I really took notice of first was the fragrance. It smells very clean and not overdone with any floral or sweet scents. It doesn't smell cheap at all--definitely reminds me of more expensive products.

Also when using this face wash, you don't need too much to take off your facial products. A bit of it will lather up and cover your whole face. It seems to take off CC creams and foundations pretty well, but my Stila Stay All Day Waterproof liquid liner and Smashbox Limitless Eye Liner Pencil both had a harder time coming off. But this isn't the case with all eyeliners. When I tried washing off the L'Oreal Lineur Intense liquid eyeliner, the LJH worked much better and took it off pretty fast. So I guess it depends on the staying-power of your makeup products. However, I would still recommend using a separate eye-makeup remover in addition to this face wash.

I've got quite the oily skin and after washing with this product, my face feels so clean (almost squeaky, but not completely stripped of my natural oils like some products do)--it really does get rid of all the buildup at the end of the day. However, I'm not sure how this will be for those with dry skin. It may be a bit too drying unless you use very small amounts.

The huge tube will last a LONG time so I think it is well worth the money.

This cream is supposed to be one of the main focuses in the Smart System that LJH developed recently! It comes in a package of three 15 mL tubes and is a solution for an array of elements: moisturizing, whitening, skin purification, skin texture, elasticity, anti-aging, pore tightening, and more. 

It works for all skin types! 

Some of the ingredients are: Lotus Extract (50% of the formula), edelweiss extract, borage extract, argan oil, white willow bark, sage extract, and centella asiatica. 

What I Think: ⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎

I've only used it for several days so far and I can absolutely vouch for the moisturizing and whitening part. Well, not so much whitening as brightening of your complexion. I have really bad skin from acne and thus have red spots in certain areas like my cheeks. I applied this twice a day (morning and evening) on those areas and I can see some improvement. I have doubts that this cream will be able to ever completely get rid of the marks, but it seems to help.

When I woke up the morning after I applied it and looked at my reflection in the mirror, I was pretty happy with the results. It just seemed like my skin was prettier and less flawed. I don't know if the pore-tightening results are long term or not, but they seem to be diminished for the time being. Oily skin usually means big pores >////<

I am absolutely in LOVE with the texture of the cream though. It's a transparent gel instead of a white oily cream and glides on like silk! It really reminds me of my favorite product - Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. It's a joy to apply on your skin.

[I hope after using it for a longer period of time, I will see even more positive results. I will update this in a month and tell you how it's going.] 

The packaging on this product is so beautiful and really looks very luxurious with the shiny gold and triangular look!! It's just so warm and lovely and the product itself comes in a glass bottle with a dropper. 

This product was formulated to heal troubled skin and feed it with nutrients. It also has whitening properties and ingredients that deal with wrinkles and fine lines. Your skin should have a beautiful glow that lasts all day. 

For best results, you may use it with the Smart Power Cream.

Some of the ingredients are: Propolis (similar to honey, made by bees) (50% of the formula), vitamin tree, centella asiatica, portulaca oleracea extract, and rose extract. 

What I Think: ⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎

Excuse the blurry photos :< I couldn't get the camera to focus on the bottle!! Anyway, I thought this product was really interesting and unique compared to many other products I've tried before. I love that the look is so beautiful even though the concept of the bottle is very professional & medical-like and reminds me of the doctor's office or a lab. 

I used it in conjunction with the Smart Power Cream as recommended, and I think it has helped with the redness of my skin as well. You only need two full drops or so to fully cover your whole face. I like that this formula gives off a warming sensation which feels really nice after applying. Also, although this is an oil, it doesn't feel heavy or sticky at all! Very well done. 

I would recommend this for people with dry skin because it's very moisturizing. Those with sensitive skin will also enjoy this product because it's very gentle and soothing as well. 

[I'll also keep you all updated on this product and write some more in a month or so to see how the results are going.] 

And as if HKC Plaza were not already generous enough, they sent me a whole bunch of samples to try out as well!! Very excited to try these out. Many special thanks to HKC Plaza for being so kind and accommodating!! XOXO.

PS - Do you guys like my flower crown :D I made it myself, ahhhh so proud X3 hehehe. 

✿     ✿     ✿     ✿     ✿

Of course, all these products can be found here on HKC Plaza's official website. It was such a pleasure to work with them because they are very prompt at responding to emails and answering any questions that I had. 

HKC Plaza's is giving all of my lovely readers 10% off with this code at checkout:

In addition to the discount, you can head over to their website and find complimentary gifts and starter kits!! They provide free shipping worldwide!! Have fun shopping <3

xoxoxo, Cindy⭐︎☽

P.S.-- I'm not paid for this sponsorship and the reviews are my own true feelings. 

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