✿ No 9 Sheer Pink Top ✿

10:42 PM

I'm super happy about this new sheer sweater I purchased recently. It's so cute and comfortable and my favorite shade of light pink with black lettering.

I purchased it from H&M recently when I went shopping with my bf. 
Usually I'm pretty picky about clothing and will always find some sort of imperfection.

With this top it was love at first sight!! 

The only thing I don't like about it is how delicate it is. 
My puppy's claws have already marred it a bit :'[ It's okay, Wanpo, it's okay.

Speaking of Wanpo!! Here he is :D 

Super shy, I know hahaha. He's quite bashful when it comes to taking pictures XD In this photo, he is 1 and 1/2 years old. I can't believe I brought him home when he was about 7 weeks old!! His birthday is June 24, 2012. So his second birthday will be coming up several months!! They grow so fast...

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  1. What a pretty shirt and omg i really love your hair! How do you manage to grow it that long??
    Mine stops growing after it reaches past my shoulders :((
    Oh and your puppy is so adorable and looks so fluffy hehe!


    1. Awwwww Fifi thank you!!! My hair is actually quite damaged so I should cut it :P But I'm so sad every time I think about having to chop my locks!! I haven't cut my hair in a long time. Maybe a year or so!! I just trimmed my bangs every once in a while :3

      Thank you! Wanpo is the best doggie in the world!! Of course I'm biased because he's my first pup hehehe.

  2. So beautiful top honey!
    You look so sweet and cute... x) Your dog is cute as well :33

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  3. H&M always has the cutest clothes! I love the style, and your dog is adorable! ;)

    1. Thank you so much!!! He's a really big sweetheart <3 hahaha

  4. Hey Cindy! :D The shirt is cute and I like how you paired it with the black and white shorts! Lol, I'm also picky with clothing and almost everything that I buy. I'll look for it's flaws and exchange for the better one before I check out. ^^ Aw, you're dog looks so adorable and well trained. My chihuahua is so spoiled. >_<

    <3 from Chuonie


    1. Hahahah thanks Chuonie!! I'm the same way!!! High5 hahaha.

      He's pretty hyper all the time :D And he's only calm if I want to take a picture with him! Then he looks away XD Almost like his Papa who is also quite camera shy X3

      Awww chihuahua!!~ Must be so tiny and adorable!!

  5. Sooo cute ^^ And awwww your dog >.< I wanna hug!

    恵美より ♥

    1. Thank you sweetie Emi!!!~ Hehehe he would hug you so much if you met him! He loves girls!! <3

  6. Cindy bebe~~~~ Is the shirt longish? I love loose fashion tops like that! Too bad I havn't gone shopping in like 2938746278346 years sigh!!! Need to haul more stuff to blog about! :D

    Crop Top + Maxi Skirt | Facebook Fanpage

  7. Yes it is!!! It's very comfortable so it's perfect for me hahaha.
    Hahaha bunnie you're so hardworking!!!~ <3 Love you!! Looking forward to more posts!!

  8. Hii my Cindy bb!! i missed youu and i love ur sweater,it looks great on you....Bdw how could it be, Wanpo's birthday is june 23 and Do u know what? Bobo's birthday on june 24...its such a great coincidence,don't u think so?? Hahhhaha sending my kisses to you and Wanpo  i love u bothhh so muchh

    1. OH MY GOSH hahaha WayuSiss Wanpo's Birthday is also 6/24!!!~ That's the biggest coincidence! and thank you ChocoSissy!!~ Much xoxoxoxo to you and Bobo!! And it's so funny that my mom's nickname for Wanpo is Bobo!! :0 omg we are sisters really!!!


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