Monday, December 30, 2013

✿ Dolly Wink #1 (Dolly Sweet) & #17 (Diamond Dolly) [Review] ✿

I decided to write a little on these two numbers from Dolly Wink because I like them so so much ^___^ I've tried many lashes in the past, mostly generic, but these are definitely better and much more comfortable. Like my mom always tells me, “咩野价钱咩野货” which means you get the quality you pay for, basically.

Number One is Dolly Sweet 

When I took this photo I already just used the bottom pair and realized I should take a quick photo of them LOL so please excuse me for the lack of photos ^___^"

These ones were the most comfortable lashes I have ever worn. I love the dolly look with the thicker lashes at the end and more thin, natural ones in the front. They give really dolly looks and very sweet looking doe eyes. 

Here I am wearing them. You can see the ends are very fanned out and sweet looking.

Number Seventeen is Diamond Dolly

These lashes are so cute in my opinion because the thicker lashes are in the middle so it actually gives your eyes a rounder, wider appearance rather than a more "kittie-like" appearance like the Dolly Sweets which have the emphasis on the outer corners. 

Here I am wearing them...

Sorry for the overexposure... only nice shot hehe

See, the eyes look more round since there is less emphasis at the ends of the lashes. It is only my eyeliner that gives it the wing at the end.

~ ~ ~

I really like exaggerated lashes for pictures and purikura because they actually show up in the photo hahaha. 

The Dolly #1s are actually a lot more comfortable for some reason... had me questioning the material used to make the #17s. It seems the band is SO much more flexible on the #1s and the band on the the #17s are much more stiff and hard. But perhaps its due to the criss-cross design on them. 

Also, I usually used the DUO glue for my false lashes, but I ran out and tried the dolly wink glue that comes in the package. It's actually super super good!! I even cried in them and rubbed my eyes and it's still fine. Wow lol. 

Anyways, hope everyone is enjoying the last couple of days for 2013!! These days will never come back again, so cherish them well with friends and family ^___^ 

Cindy  ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

Sunday, December 29, 2013

✿ Camel Jacket ^//3//^ ✿

Really loving my camel-colored winter coat :]
Super love the fur around the hood area and the gold buttons

Coat: YesStyle (brand is Taiwanese)
Bag & Shoes: Forever 21
Cute Cute Bear: Random Boutique

This collage was filtered. Here is the unfiltered picture: 

The color is richer right? Hehehe.

Super loving faux fur look :3 I love how cozy and soft it looks on coats.. My favorite thing right now. Love looking at the fashion magazines this season because it's always present.

And if you are wondering, the adorable adorable bear bear is a gift from my Kevin ^___^ She's so cute, right? She actually has an older sister I purchased from the same boutique over a year ago!

And this is her older sister:

Hehe, anyways, enjoy your winter everyone!

Cindy ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ❄️

♡ Why I Love Winter ♡

Have been loving my winter so so much this year. I just love seeing the gorgeous Christmas decorations so much!! I think the lights and trees and happy atmosphere really bring out the best in people.

My most memorable moments from this years Christmas are: 

❄️ Going to the annual Christmas party with my parents, brother and cousin (every year at Westin St. Francis). Always look forward to that because of the beautiful lights we get to enjoy after dinner. San Francisco is my favorite city in the world (so far) because it's my hometown and is so rich with history and full of beauty. 

❄️ Going on walking adventures with my brother & CarmenBB through the city and seeing random things I otherwise would have missed if in a car.

❄️ Seeing the BEAUTIFUL @lecinlurve in real life!! A gorgeous lady who is kind enough (and I am lucky enough) to be her Twinnie :'3 Couldn't be more happy omgosh. She's even nicer in person which almost seems impossible right?! Please check out her IG if you haven't already because you won't regret it :']

❄️ Going shopping of course hehe and taking pictures with my grandmama who is adorable :P 

❄️ Family gathering on Christmas night. All the doggies got together this year for the first time!!

My doggie Wanpo got a super short cut :'[ don't worry ladies, his hair will grow back very fast TT ^ TT 

Bambino (Bambi) the oldest of the three.

Benju the newest member of our family.

They get along pretty well when outside, super rowdy when inside hehe. 

Another thing I just realized this holiday season. Perhaps I am much more attached to the winter season, not only because I love the holidays and winter fashion, but also because I am a winter baby!!! My birthday is coming up hehe. Maybe I that is why I am naturally so in love with winter. 

Have a beautiful day dollies!! 

Cindy ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ❄️