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7:36 PM

Today Kevin and I went out one last time before he goes back to Santa Cruz tonight. He took me out to Stonestown Galleria and Bay St., Emeryville. I bought some tops and a skirt from YesStyle and a comfy destroyed cardigan from F21. Then we had lunch at the California Pizza Kitchen.

Something that I saw that really peeves me are when panty lines show through leggings. Girls these days always wear leggings alone and that's fine, but man, those panty lines sure do bug me :<

 One thing I'm super grateful for is having such a nice BF :]]] He doesn't mind spending money on me and I know how lucky a girl I am (I sure didn't grow up with money on the tree in the backyard). Not only that, but he also always carries my bags for me when we're done with a store! AWWW :333 I'm so happy!! X3 Those bags get heavy after a while and leave angry red welts on my arms and hands :<

Anyway! An outfit I want to show you all is a pullover I got from YesStyle <3 I thought it was super cute and Kevin did too so we got it :]]] I don't ever buy anything unless I think Kevin likes it too, not because he's a controlling slave driver, but because I only wanna wear things that he thinks is cute <3 This particular pullover has two side pockets and it's made of cotton. The brand is CLICK from South Korea. Super CUTE :D It's very comfortable too so you can wear it in the cold. Here in the San Francisco area, it's still a bit chilly even though it's Spring time... OH WELL, I like cold fashion better anyways <3

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