Wednesday, February 29, 2012

✿ 我的美麗日記 ✿ My Beauty Diary ✿ Strawberry Yogurt Face Masque [Review] ✿

My cousin Alice who runs BlingBlingZone (buy DIY bling kits from her :]) just came home from a trip to China and Hong Kong ... and she bought me these!! :DDDD

我的美/'My Beauty Diary' face masks! /the packaging is suuuuuuper cute!! I don't wanna use them :< siiiigh.


The Strawberry Yogurt flavor smells soooo gooood. /it's like you opened a thing of Yoplait yogurt and smeared it all over your face! Except of course it's not as messy and probably more effective. The Strawberry Yogurt smell is dead on -- Well Done!

Alice got me more flavors to sample and you can see below that the packaging is so cute that I don't wanna waste them- like a cake that's so pretty, you don't wanna cut it. Or like, shoes that are so pretty you don't want to wear them and mess them up.. whatever lol.
This is what the packages look like: 3 inches x 4 inches
And this bottom one is the masque I did last night :]]]

Smells Amazing-- Like actual Strawberry Yogurt!~
For those of you who have never done a face masque, it's super relaxing and you should try it. When you remove it from the pouch, you'll see a folded piece of clothy material that will unfold to become a face-shaped towelette with cutouts for your eyes, nose and lips.

First you wash your face clean (maybe after you shower or something) and then you can apply your everyday toner (or not depending on how you like it). Align and place masque on face Make sure you go over the mask lightly with fingers to ensure maximum coverage and get rid of air bubbles.

Wait 15 - 20 minutes and remove + throw away. Gently massage the remaining elixir into face and neck (you may also put on your moisturizer if you'd like). Then go to sleep :]

After doing the masque, I woke up the next morning with supple skin. I have super flawed skin complete with the acne scars and excess sebum as well as dry areas (SIGH), and after doing this I can honestly say I felt my skin was softer, less dry and BRIGHTER. By brighter, I mean less redness and diminished appearance of flaws.

I love this brand! I think in general the Asian facial care lines are very good-- Maybe because Asian women tend to be very very caring of their complexions... and maybe the advanced technology .... AH I DUNNO. All I know is this is a nice way to pamper one's self and this particular brand works well <3 :]]]

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