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Hey guys, I got a case for my cell phone a while back that I use on and off. It's a super cute pink, rhinestoned, monkey case! :D SUPER CUUUTE <3

I got it on EBay for like, around $5 from an Asian seller. The seller provided extra rhinestones in case any fell off so you would be able to fix the product yourself.

In case anyone was wondering, I have an HTC Inspire 4G. I love everything about it except for the fact that there is no front-facing camera and the camera itself isn't good at taking sharp pictures. Otherwise, this phone is perfect! I can customize the themes and keyboards and backgrounds-- just everything!

I've spent a long time with this phone already and my contract is up soon. Usually I'd jump at the chance of getting a new phone, but I don't really care about getting a new one this time around because this phone fits my needs perfectly (well, almost. no front-facing camera :<).

My cousin sells DIY decoration kits for cell phones. She sells complete kits as well as loose pieces. All you have to do is purchase a clear case for your phone from another seller (she only sells iphone 4/4S cases for $1-2 USD). Here's the before and after for the one that I did for my HTC :3

If you would like to try it out for yourself, you can go to BlingBlingZone's store and purchase your own Bling DIY kit!! Here are some more examples. The following pictures are from BlingBlingZone and Glamorous Bling Bling (my other cousin's store). GBB is no longer selling their products even though it seems like you can purchase from them. The best way to get your DIY kits is by purchasing through BBZ.

These are just a few examples of what you can do with these deco kits! Instructions may be found on GBB's website. They will also be included with purchase with BBZ <3

And you don't have to limit yourself to your phone! My cousin made me a blinged out DSi case :3

Just buy a protective casing/cover for anything and glue the decor on it! Bling your iPads, License Plate Frames, etc.! Have fun!! 

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